I was very blessed to have a mom (Sarah) that was very hardworking and very passionate about education. Before I was born, mom had been a primary school teacher. Like many other women in Uganda and other countries in Africa (and all over the world), my mom did everything to see that her children were well taken care of.  One of those things was education. When it was time for my siblings to join the university, she had to get loans. God brought someone in my life after I had finished high school who paid for my college tuition. I will forever be grateful for my special friend.

When I was between seven to nine years, my three siblings and I were in boarding school. We had been there for nearly two terms when my father could not afford to pay our school fees, so we had to be taken out of school. I really liked school and so did my siblings. The head teacher of this school asked me if I wanted to stay and work as a maid in his home (he was married). Even if I didn’t want to stay without my family, I was extremely happy that I was going to be in school!

It was not easy, but I was getting an education. My story may be unique from what other young girls my age may have experienced, but as I grew up, I saw many girls beat all odds to get an education. I also knew many girls my age who didn’t have a chance to even have basic education. Some were married off by their parents in exchange for a few goats or cows.

Because the head teacher of the school gave me an opportunity to be in school, God later brought me a special friend who paid for my college. I have always, by God’s grace, tried to help another young girl go to school. Unfortunately, according to The United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI) more than 700,000 girls in Uganda between the ages of six to 12 have never attended school. In fact around half of the girls between the ages of 15 to 24 years old are illiterate, and four in five girls do not attend high school.

In August 2016, our mom’s life was cut short in a very tragic way when a car that was not in proper mechanical condition failed to break and ran into her from the side of the road where she was walking. At the start of 2017, I had been thinking and praying for a way that mom would always be remembered. She had worked very hard as a mother for us and was also very passionate about education, I felt led to start Sarah’s Love. She knew about my desire for little girls to get an education just like I did, and she saw my efforts and she was part of those efforts. She was always part of every girl’s story whose education I was part of. Through donations to Sarah's Love, many more young girls can be able to get an education.

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Beatrice Purvis
Executive Director

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